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Name: Lucy Baynes

Location: United Kingdom

For me running a Smallprint franchise ticks so many boxes. When I was thinking about returning to work when my son was one, I had two criteria – that I did creative work using my hands and that I could fit my work around Zach who's now three. I work at home when he's at pre-school, when he naps in the afternoons and go out to work most weekends doing events such as fairs, country shows etc. I really enjoy the interaction with people I get at these as I spend much of my time working alone with Radio 4 as my companion. I do most of my engraving during the evening once  Zach has gone to bed. 

It's such a pleasure for me to make something that's so precious for people and that really touches them. I love seeing the joy on customers' faces when they collect their pieces from me. I feel particularly touched when I'm asked to make a piece based on a hand or footprint of a baby that was lost. It's actually very evoking to give somebody something that I know they will treasure.

I used to give myself a hard time for being a perfectionist but when it comes to making fingerprint jewellery, I have to say it really helps. The creative side comes easily to me but I've had to learn a lot about business, in particular sales and marketing. I really enjoy what I do and consider myself very lucky. I love the autonomy and independence that being self-employed gives me. I work a lot harder than I had anticipated, but I love it so I am not complaining! 

Name: Sheryl Mascolo

Location: Australia

FUN, INTERESTING, HEART-WARMING, CHALLENGING, ENJOYABLE. These are the words I would use to describe running a Smallprint business. I just love it! It's always interesting to see how completely different each child's fingerprints, handprints or footprints really are. I also really like seeing the wonderful pieces of writing and artwork produced by all the little artists out there and being able to turn them into something so personal and treasured. 

I certainly enjoy meeting so many lovely people from all walks of life and being able to make such a truly personal piece of jewellery for them. Each client has their own thoughts about how to make their choice even more special and some of the little messages I engrave on the back are just delightful.

At times it can be challenging, juggling my family and their many commitments, our home and the business, but mostly it is a very rewarding and enjoyable career. I love the flexibility of it and seeing the joy on clients' faces when they see their finished jewellery for the first time.

I also feel very honoured to be able to make special keepsakes for parents who have lost their baby, or people with ill parents, enabling them to always have those they love with them. These kinds of orders are truly heart-warming and to be involved in capturing these prints is very humbling.

I'm really pleased that I bought my business and feel very fortunate to have found something that allows me to combine my busy life while working at something that brings me great pleasure. And the fact that is making so many other people happy is just a wonderful bonus! 



Name: Olivia Crooke

Location: Hong Kong

My business is intensely personal to me. I make everything 100% by hand. Nothing is ever sent to anyone else. 

I truly understand how important and personal your jewellery is to you, and every piece I make is with total dedication and care. 

As for me, I am a stay at home mum and I run Smallprint all from my home studio. I am from New Zealand and have lived in Hong Kong for thirteen years. After my husband and I adopted our beautiful son in 2012, I left the corporate world and now run my very own beloved Smallprint business. 

I officially support Angels For Orphans and by choosing Smallprint, so will you! With every order you can choose to receive a beautiful Angels For Orphans handmade angel keepsake, teddy bear or child’s bracelet for only $50 – all of which goes directly to Angels For Orphans initiatives, which is run completely by volunteers. 

Flexible Financing Available

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